eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Great Words

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eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Great Words: Expand Your Vocabulary, Express Yourself!

Product Description: This set is a treasure trove for anyone looking to sprinkle their conversations with a dash of sophistication. Perfect for learners of all ages, these flash cards are designed to introduce you to a world of fascinating words, complete with pronunciations, definitions, example sentences, and even a checklist to track your learning progress.


Comprehensive Learning Tool: Each of the 100 flashcards features a unique word on the front and its detailed definition and usage example on the back.
Customisable Experience: Blank cards are provided to personalise the learning journey by adding new words as your vocabulary expands.
Educational and Engaging: Designed to be both informative and fun, making it suitable for a wide range of age groups and educational needs.

Why Consider This Product: They offer a practical and enjoyable way to enhance communication skills, boost confidence in public speaking, and enrich daily dialogue. Dive into this curated collection of intriguing words and become a vocabulary virtuoso in no time!

Age 3+

Card size: 7.3cm x 10cm