eeBoo Tell Me a Story – Fairytale

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eeBoo Tell Me A Story – Fairytale: Spin Enchanting Tales!

Product Description: This set features beautifully illustrated cards depicting fairy tale characters, mystical locations, and magical objects. Children can arrange and rearrange the cards to craft both logical and whimsical stories, incorporating elements like a fire-breathing dragon, a clever boot-wearing cat, and a flask of magic potion.


Creative Storytelling: Encourages kids to devise unique stories using iconic fairy tale elements.
Builds Critical Thinking: Challenges children to think critically about how to logically or hilariously integrate diverse characters and items into their stories.
Engaging and Educational: Helps develop language skills, fosters imagination, and promotes narrative thinking.
High-Quality Illustrations: Features charming artwork that captivates children and adds to the magical storytelling experience.

Why Consider This Product: The ability to rearrange cards allows for endless story possibilities, making each play session unique and educational. This set is perfect for parents and educators who want to encourage creativity, critical thinking, and a love for classic fairy tales in a fun, interactive way.

Ages: 3+
Cards 9.52 cm x 12 cm