eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Sight Words – Level 2

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eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Sight Words – Level 2: Advanced Steps in Literacy!

Product Description: Tailored for young learners aged 3+ and progressing from initial literacy stages, this set includes 100 high-frequency sight words that are crucial for developing reading fluency and comprehension. Each card presents a sight word on the front and uses it within a contextual sentence on the back to aid in understanding and memory retention.


Advanced Sight Word Collection: Offers a curated set of 100 high-frequency words essential for early readers ready to advance their literacy.
Reinforcing Contextual Use: Each word is paired with a sentence on the back of the card to enhance comprehension and usage in everyday communication.
Comprehensive Learning Activities: Comes with 18 engaging activities that promote fun and effective review, reinforcing the sight words through varied methods.

Why Consider This Product: Ideal for use both at home and in educational settings, these flashcards are a cornerstone for any child’s literacy journey.

Age 3+
Card size: 7.3 x 10 cm