eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Sight Words – Level 3

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 eeBoo Flash Cards – 100 Sight Words – Level 3: Mastery in Motion!

Product Description: This set includes 100 high-frequency sight words, which are foundational for reading fluency and comprehension. Each card features a sight word on the front and a contextual sentence on the back, reinforcing understanding through practical use.


Advanced Vocabulary Development: Introduces high-frequency sight words crucial for developing reading fluency and critical literary skills.
Practical Contextual Learning: Each word is used in a sentence to promote better word recognition and usage understanding.
Interactive Learning Experience: Includes 18 fun and educational activities that reinforce sight word retention and practical application.
Organised Learning System: Comes with two rings to help sort and sequence the flashcards, facilitating a structured learning path.

Why Consider This Product: These flashcards are not only tools for teaching but catalysts for developing confident and capable readers, providing a robust foundation in the basics of reading and comprehension.

Age 3+
Card size: 7.3 x 10 cm