eeBoo 100 Pc Puzzle – Land of Dinosaurs

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eeBoo 100 pc Puzzle – Land of Dinosaurs: Explore, Imagine, Discover!

Product Description: This puzzle provides a fascinating peek into the prehistoric era, offering an exciting way for children to develop their pattern, shape, and colour recognition skills. As they assemble scenes of dinosaurs roaming ancient landscapes, hunting, and nesting, kids will enhance their problem-solving abilities and feel a sense of achievement upon completion.

Key Features:

Suitable for Ages 5+: Perfectly tailored for young explorers, offering an engaging challenge that combines fun with educational value.
Engaging Prehistoric Theme: Captures children’s imaginations, inviting them to explore the mesmerising world of dinosaurs.
Educational Benefits: Encourages cognitive development, enhancing skills in pattern recognition, shape identification, and colour differentiation.

Why Buy This Product:  It’s ideal for young dinosaur enthusiasts and parents seeking meaningful play experiences for their kids.

  • Age 5+
  • Puzzle Size 45 x 68 cm
  • Box Size 33 x 23 x 5 cm
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