eeBoo 64 Pc Puzzle – Sloth at Play

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eeBoo 64 Piece Puzzle – Sloth at Play: Leisurely Puzzling, Jungle Joys!

Product Description: Designed for children aged 5 and up fascinated by wildlife, this puzzle captures a whimsical scene of a sloth enjoying its natural habitat. Assembling this puzzle allows kids to explore the vibrant life of the jungle while developing their problem-solving skills and patience, highlighting the sloth’s slow-paced lifestyle and encouraging a calm and mindful approach to play.

Key Features:

Whimsical Sloth Theme: Depicts a sloth leisurely engaging with its jungle environment, encouraging a calm and mindful approach to play.
Engaging for Young Puzzlers: With its jungle-inspired illustrations and large pieces, the puzzle is both a visual treat and a manageable challenge for young children.
Eco-Conscious Materials: Crafted from recycled materials, emphasising the importance of preserving nature’s wonders.
Introduces Wildlife Conservation: Offers an opportunity to discuss habitat and conservation, fostering an early appreciation for environmental care.

Why Consider This Product: A wonderful choice for children intrigued by the gentle giants of the jungle and the ecosystems they inhabit. The Sloth at Play puzzle merges animal-themed fun with educational insights, delivered in an environmentally friendly package.

Ages 5+
Puzzle size: 38cm x 38cm
Box size: 22cm x 22cm

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