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Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella 3D – Leopard

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Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella 3D – Leopard: A Wild and Wonderful Rainy Day Experience!

Product Description: The Floss & Rock 3D Leopard Colour Changing Umbrella makes rainy days a wild adventure. Children will be amazed as the leopard print changes colour in the rain, enhanced with striking 3D elements and a viewing panel.

Key Features:

Exciting Colour-Changing Leopard Print: The umbrella’s leopard spots transform with vivid colours when wet, captivating young minds.
Engaging 3D Elements: Adds a tactile dimension to the umbrella, making it more than just a rain shield.
Unique Viewing Panel: This allows kids to stay dry while observing their surroundings, adding to the fun of exploring in the rain.
Perfectly Sized for Kids: Measuring 54 x 56 cm, it’s designed for easy use by children.

Why Choose This Product: It’s great for encouraging outdoor play, even in wet weather. Perfect for kids who love animals and adventures. This umbrella combines practicality with a sense of exploration, turning a simple walk in the rain into a safari adventure.

  • Age 3+
  • Measuring 54 x 56 cm