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Floss & Rock Tea Set – 7 Pc Enchanted

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Floss & Rock Tea Set – 7 Pc Enchanted: Sip into a World of Wonder!

Product Description: Delve into the mystical with the Floss & Rock Tea Set – 7 Pc Enchanted, a magical tea set designed to ignite the imaginations of young dreamers. This exquisite tin tea set, ideal for children who love fairy tales and enchanted forests, it’s a wonderful way to encourage imaginative play, social skills, and fine motor development in a spellbinding setting.

Key Features:

Complete 7-Piece Set: Includes everything needed for an enchanted tea party, from teacups to a magical teapot.
Durable Tin Construction: Crafted from high-quality tin, ensuring the set withstands the test of time and imagination.
Promotes Creative Play: A gateway to storytelling, role-playing, and social interaction through thematic play.
Handy Storage Case: The set comes in a themed case, perfect for keeping pieces organized and ready for the next magical gathering.

Why Buy This Product: This is the perfect gift for little ones fascinated by the magic of fairy tales. It combines the joy of tea parties with the intrigue of an enchanted world, offering a unique play experience that spurs creativity and imagination.

  • Age 3+ 
  • 17 x 17.5 x 9.5cm