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Floss & Rock Magic Moving Puzzle – Deep Sea

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Floss & Rock Magic Moving Puzzle – Deep Sea: An Oceanic Adventure in Puzzle Form!

Product Description: Discover the wonders of the deep sea with the Floss & Rock Magic Moving Puzzle – Deep Sea. This unique puzzle captivates with its lenticular finish, bringing ocean life to your fingertips. Perfect for young explorers aged 5 and above.

Key Features:

50 High-Quality Puzzle Pieces: Big, chunky pieces, ideal for young hands to assemble.
Lenticular Finish: Creates magical moving effects, animating sharks, divers, octopi, and more.
Educational: Enhances problem-solving skills in a fun and interactive way.

Why Choose This Product: It’s a great blend of education and entertainment, ideal for curious young minds. The puzzle’s moving graphics add a delightful twist, making it more than just a typical puzzle. It’s contained in a decorative keepsake box, making it a perfect gift.

  • Age: 5+
  • Approx piece size: 10 x 6cm