eeBoo Memory Match Game – Space Exploration

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eeBoo Space Exploration Memory & Matching Game: Navigate the Cosmos!

Product Description: This educational game captures the wonder of the universe, showcasing a vast array of cosmic bodies from our solar system and beyond. Players will discover fascinating facts about planets, dwarf planets, their moons, and the intricacies of space travel. The game includes 24 pairs of beautifully illustrated cards that spark curiosity and encourage memory development. Each session is a journey through space, making learning about our universe exciting and accessible right from your coffee table.


Educational Adventure: Offers comprehensive facts about celestial bodies and space travel, enhancing scientific knowledge.
Cognitive Benefits: Sharpens memory and matching skills, providing a foundation for early learning in a fun, engaging way.
Award-Winning Design: Celebrated with the Oppenheim Gold Award for its educational value and appealing gameplay.

Why Consider This Product: The game not only entertains but also educates, bringing the mystery and beauty of outer space into your home. It’s an ideal choice for young learners who show an interest in astronomy, providing a stimulating experience that combines fun with factual learning.

Ages 3+
Box dimensions: 23 cm x 23 cm x 3 cm