eeBoo Game – Pattern Recognition

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eeBoo – Pattern Recognition Game: Enhancing Logic Through Patterns

Product Description: This set is perfect for children aged 4 and up, providing a dynamic way to explore and predict sequences through engaging pattern cards. Players are challenged to pull a card and use the tray and tiles to duplicate and complete the intricate patterns. This game not only stimulates intellectual development but also promotes environmental responsibility, being made with recycled board and FSC®-certified paper, printed with vegetable-based inks.


Logical Development: Encourages the discovery of rules to predict and complete sequences, enhancing logical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Educational Engagement: Helps develop early math and reading abilities through pattern recognition, providing a solid foundation for academic success.
Progressive Difficulty: Features three levels of challenge, allowing children to develop confidence and skills progressively.
Eco-Friendly Materials: Constructed from sustainably sourced components, ensuring environmental care alongside educational value.

Why Consider This Product: This game provides a fun and challenging way for young learners to increase their brain power and develop crucial cognitive skills.

Age: 4+
Tile size: 6.35 cm