Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Funtastic Friends

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Funtastic Friends Scratch Art Kit: Dive into a Whimsical World of Rainbow Revelations!

Product Description:
Embark on a vibrant journey with the Funtastic Friends Scratch Art Kit, where mythical unicorns, gentle llamas, quirky sloths, and flamboyant flamingos converge to offer an unforgettable artistic experience. Crafted for both convenience and creativity, this mini scratch art set invites you to unveil a spectrum of rainbow-coloured animals, each waiting to spring to life with your touch.

Key Features:

🌟 Menagerie of Designs: The kit features 4 pre-illustrated cards starring a delightful ensemble of animals, from mythical unicorns to leisurely sloths.

🖍 Guided Artistry: With clear guidelines, unveiling the vibrant, animal-inspired rainbow artwork becomes an engaging and effortless pursuit for young artists.

🌈 All-in-One Experience: The kit is thoughtfully equipped with everything required, from the wooden stylus to the scratch cards, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of creativity.

⏱ Compact for Travel: Sized at a convenient 10 x 15 cm, this kit is designed for portability, making it an ideal companion for travel and on-the-move artistic expressions.

Why Choose the Funtastic Friends Scratch Art Kit?
Stepping into a vivid realm filled with the wonders of the animal kingdom has never been this enchanting. Whether you’re looking to hone your artistic skills or indulge in a soothing creative session, this kit promises a rich tapestry of colours and designs. Perfect for travel, downtime, or collaborative activities, the Funtastic Friends offer endless joy.

  • Age 6+
    Travel-sized scratch art kit with cute cats
    4 illustrated scratch cards 10 x 15 cm & 2 rainbow DIY blank scratch cards 10 x 15 cm
    1 wooden stylus – all you need to get started right away
    Guided illustrations – easy for anyone to follow, even adults!
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