Ooly Paint By Numbers – Dragon

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Colourific Canvas Kits: Dive into the World of the Fantastic Dragon!

Product Description:
Embark on a mythical journey of creativity with our Fantastic Dragon paint-by-number kit. Designed for young artists, this kit turns painting into a numbered adventure, making every brushstroke feel like a step closer to a masterpiece. The spacious canvas, measuring 30 x 30 cm, displays a bold dragon outline with ample room for painting. With 10 distinctly numbered paint tubes and a choice of 3 differently tipped brushes, the artistic process is both intuitive and engaging.

Key Features:

🌟 Generous Canvas Size: A 30 x 30 cm canvas ensures ample space for young artists to unleash their creativity.

🖌 Numbered for Ease: The canvas outline is clearly numbered, corresponding to 10 paint tubes, ensuring a guided painting experience.

🎨 All-Inclusive Set: Everything needed is right in the box, from a painter’s palette to a variety of brushes, making it a hassle-free painting adventure.

Why Choose the Colourific Paint By Numbers Canvas Kits?
Gift the joy of accomplishment with a kit that transforms kids into artists, one number at a time.


  • Age 6+
  • 15 pc set
  • includes – 1 outlined canvas, 10 paint tubes, 1 palette, and 3 brushes
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