Ooly Scratch & Scribble Mini – Dino Day

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Dino Day Scratch Art Kit: Journey to a Prehistoric Rainbow World!

Product Description:
Step into a vibrant era where dinosaurs roam, waiting to be brought to life with the Dino DayScratch Art Kit. Designed to captivate and kindle imagination, this mini scratch art set is a portal to a world where colourful dinosaurs lie hidden, eager to be unveiled. Whether guided by the pre-illustrated cards or venturing into your own artistic realm with the blank ones, the wooden stylus becomes the key to a prehistoric playground.

Key Features:

🌟 Versatile Exploration: The kit offers 4 pre-illustrated dinosaur-themed cards and 2 blank DIY rainbow cards, ensuring both guided and freeform artistic expressions.

πŸ– Guided Adventure: With easy-to-follow guidelines, unveiling the mesmerising dino designs becomes a delightful and hassle-free experience, making it ideal for young artists.

🌈 Complete Experience: No scouting for additional tools; the kit comes fully equipped with a wooden stylus, making the journey into the dinosaur realm seamless.

⏱ Designed for Mobility: At a compact 10 x 15 cm size, it’s your pocket-sized passport to creativity, making it perfect for travel or quiet times at home.

Why Dive into the Dino Day Scratch Art Kit?
This artistic kit promises a journey through time and hue. It’s perfect for young explorers with a penchant for colour and creativity, be it during travels or relaxed moments at home. Embark on a scratch art escapade and bring vibrant dinosaurs to life!

  • Age 6+
    Travel-sized scratch art kit with cute cats
    4 illustrated scratch cards 10 x 15 cm & 2 rainbow DIY blank scratch cards 10 x 15 cm
    1 wooden stylus – all you need to get started right away
    Guided illustrations – easy for anyone to follow, even adults!
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