Ooly Scratch & Scribble – Dragons

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Fantastic Dragons Scratch and Scribble Art Kit: Unleash Your Inner Dragon!

Product Description:
Witness the magnificent world of dragons with the Fantastic Dragons Scratch and Scribble art kit. Dive into a mesmerising realm where mythical creatures come alive with just a simple scratch. Offering both structured and free-form designs, this kit beckons both beginners and seasoned artists. Follow the 4 guided illustrations to unveil vibrant dragons and their mystical homes or let your creativity run wild on the 2 rainbow and 2 sparkle cards, unveiling hidden hues and sparkles as you etch your own masterpiece.

Key Features:

🌟 Guided Creations: Four detailed illustrations guide young artists, making it a breeze to bring spectacular dragons to life.

🎨 Express Yourself: Beyond the guided cards, two rainbow, and two sparkle cards await your imagination, revealing vibrant colors or shimmering effects beneath.

✂️ More Than Just Art: Post-scratching, the possibilities are endless. Frame your masterpieces, craft new characters, or even immerse in role-playing with your creations.

Why Choose the Dragons Scratch and Scribble Art Kit?
Step into a world where artistry meets imagination. Perfect for gifting, weekend projects, or enhancing art collections. Embark on a dragon-filled adventure where creativity knows no bounds!

  • Ages 6+
  • 4 Illustrated scratch cards
  • Drawing tool and sparkled sticker sheet
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