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Mighty Mega Markers: For Little Hands with Big Ideas!

Product Description:
Introduce your budding artist to the world of vibrant creativity with the Mighty Mega Markers. These jumbo-sized markers, designed specifically for petite hands, come in a set of 8 striking colours that are easily washable. Crafted with a unique triangular pointed tip, they offer the versatility of drawing both fine and broad strokes. Perfect for those just embarking on their artistic journey, these chunky markers promise mess-free, vivid masterpieces that deserve prime space on your fridge! Paired with a sketchpad, they make the ultimate gift for any young creator.


Key Features:

🌟 Tailored for Tiny Hands: With their chunky design, these markers ensure a comfortable and easy grip for young artists.

🖍 Versatile Triangular Tip: Navigate between thin precision and thick boldness with ease, thanks to the unique design of the tip.

🎨 Vivid and Washable: Dive into a palette of bright colours without the worry of stains; these markers are effortlessly washable.

Why Choose Mighty Mega Markers?
Crafted for little hands with grand artistic visions, these markers are the perfect starting point for any young Picasso. From intricate details to broad swaths of colour, let your child’s imagination run wild!


  • Age 3+
  • 19 x 12 x 2.5 cm
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