Ooly Markers – Colour Together

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Colour Together Double-Ended Markers: Paint Your World in Every Hue!

Product Description:
Dive into a spectrum of possibilities with the Colour Together collection. This comprehensive set of 18 double-ended markers promises a world of vibrant expression at the tip of your fingers. With 12 classic shades spanning the rainbow and an inclusive 6 skin tone hues, this set ensures every artist has the tools to represent their vision authentically. Each marker, thoughtfully designed, boasts a versatile brush tip on one end and a precision marker tip on the other, making it the quintessential set for all your artistic endeavours.

Key Features:

🌟 Dual Functionality: Each marker comes double-ended, featuring a brush tip for sweeping strokes and a marker tip for defined lines.

🖍 Comprehensive Palette: Comprising 12 classic rainbow shades and 6 skin tone markers, your creativity knows no bounds.

🎨 Washable Design: Making messes is part of the process, and with these washable markers, cleanup is a breeze.

Why Choose Colour Together Markers?
Crafted with love, these markers ensure every individual can represent and express themselves vividly and authentically. Whether capturing the world around them or the visions in their mind, this set is the artist’s perfect companion

  • Age 3+
  • 12 Classic Colours
  • 6 Skin Tine Colours
  • Washable