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Brilliant Bee Crayons: Colouring Redefined!

Product Description:
Elevate your colouring experience with Brilliant Bee crayons. Specially designed as triangular crayons, they not only ensure a comfortable ergonomic grip but also put an end to the annoyance of rolling crayons. The rich colours glide smoothly onto paper, making every stroke a pleasure. And with the ability to stand out even on black paper, they promise versatility in every shade. Whether you’re crafting a masterpiece or indulging in leisurely doodling, Brilliant Bee ensures that your artwork is always vivid and striking. Choose between sets of 12 or 24 crayons, all housed in a stylish, reusable case.

Key Features:

Ergonomic Design: The triangular shape ensures that the crayons fit comfortably in your hand, providing a seamless colouring experience.

🖍 Vibrant and Smooth: With Brilliant Bee, each colouring stroke is both vivid and smooth, bringing your art to life.

🎨 No More Roll-Aways: Thanks to their unique shape, these crayons stay where you put them.

Bonus Feature: Brilliant Bee crayons aren’t just for white paper—they make your art pop on black paper too!

Why Choose Brilliant Bee Crayons?
For art that truly stands out! Dive into a world of bright, seamless, and ergonomic colouring.

  • Ages 3+
  • Set of 12 triangular-shaped crayons
  • Reusable case
  • 10 x 10 x 2.5 cm
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