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Floss & Rock Transfer Fun – Rainbow Fairy

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Floss & Rock Transfer Fun – Rainbow Fairy: Let Imagination Fly!

Product Description: The Floss & Rock Transfer Fun – Rainbow Fairy set invites children into a world where fairies flit and rainbows shine. Perfect for those enchanted by the whimsical and the wonderful, this set enhances creativity, storytelling abilities, and fine motor skills, all wrapped in the sparkle of fairy magic.

Key Features:

Over 150 Fairy-Themed Transfers: A vast array of fairy and rainbow designs to sprinkle magic across the pages.
6 Colourful Fairy Scenes: Provides lush backdrops for tales of fairy adventures and rainbow discoveries.
6 Plain Doodle Pages: Encourages original artwork, letting kids’ imaginations soar as they sketch their fairyland.
Included Pencil: The essential tool for applying transfers and adding details to bring each scene to vibrant life.
Inspires Creative Expression: Perfect for nurturing storytelling, artistic skills, and a love for the fairy-tale world in a fun, interactive manner.

Why Buy This Product: This is a doorway to enchantment for children fascinated by the mystical and magical. It’s an excellent way to engage in imaginative play, encourage artistic exploration, and develop narrative thinking, all through the playful art of transfers.

  • Age 3+
  • 21 x 23cm