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Floss & Rock Memory Match – Space

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Floss & Rock Memory Match – Space: A Cosmic Memory Challenge!

Product Description: Blast off into a universe of fun with Floss & Rock Memory Match – Space. This stellar memory game is perfect for young astronauts and space enthusiasts. It’s an excellent way for children to improve their memory and matching skills while exploring the wonders of space.

Key Features:

18 Space-Themed Picture Pairs: Includes a variety of cosmic images, such as planets, stars, and spacecraft, to encourage memory and recognition.
36 Engaging Cards: Each card is adorned with vibrant illustrations of space, offering a visually stimulating play experience.
Educational and Entertaining: Enhances cognitive skills like memory, concentration, and matching, all within a fun and exciting space context.

Why Buy This Product: Ideal for kids who are fascinated by the cosmos and enjoy memory games. This set not only provides a fun challenge but also promotes educational development, helping to build important cognitive skills engagingly and enjoyably.

  • Ages 2+
  • Card size: 7 x 7cm