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Floss & Rock Memory Match – Rainbow Fairy

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Floss & Rock Memory Match – Rainbow Fairy: A Whimsical Matching Challenge!

Product Description: Step into a world of fairy tale wonder with Floss & Rock Memory Match – Rainbow Fairy. This enchanting memory game is perfect for young fans of magic and fairy tales, featuring 18 pairs of beautifully illustrated rainbow fairy-themed images on 36 cards. It’s a delightful way for children to enhance their memory and matching skills in a magical setting.

Key Features:

18 Rainbow Fairy-Themed Picture Pairs: Offers a variety of charming fairy and rainbow illustrations, perfect for stimulating memory and recognition.
36 Vibrantly Illustrated Cards: Each card captivates with its colourful fairy tale art, providing a visually engaging play experience.
Educational and Fun: Ideal for improving cognitive skills such as memory, concentration, and matching, all within a fun and enchanting fairy tale context.

Why Buy This Product: Great for children who adore fairy tales, magic, and memory games. This set not only offers a fun challenge but also fosters educational development, helping to build important cognitive skills delightfully and imaginatively.

  • Age 2+
  • Card size: 7 x 7cm