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Project Genius – Chinese Pagoda

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Project Genius – Chinese Pagoda

Product Description: Enter the world of ancient Chinese architecture with the “Project Genius – Chinese Pagoda” puzzle. This intriguing brain teaser challenges players to think strategically and spatially. The goal is simple yet captivating: turn the layers and tilt the pagoda to maneuver the colored balls until each column features the same color. This task demands focus, patience, and a keen sense of logic, making it a perfect mental workout for those who enjoy a higher level of difficulty.

Key Features:

Innovative Mechanism: Unique turning and tilting gameplay offers a fresh challenge to traditional puzzle solving.
Cultural Design: Inspired by ancient Chinese pagodas, adding an element of cultural history to the puzzle experience.
Mental Workout: Encourages spatial reasoning, strategic planning, and problem-solving skills.

Why Buy This Product:
“Project Genius – Chinese Pagoda” is more than a puzzle; it’s a journey into the depths of strategy and ancient culture. With a difficulty level of 5, it’s designed to challenge even the most seasoned puzzle enthusiasts. It’s an ideal gift for anyone aged 14 or older who loves brain teasers and cultural history, offering a unique and engaging experience.

Age: 14+

Difficulty Rating: 5/5

Product Dimensions: 9 cm x 7 cm x  x 19.5 cm

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