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Project Genius – Pharaoh’s Tomb

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Project Genius – Pharaoh’s Tomb

Product Description: The “Project Genius – Pharaoh’s Tomb” is a beautifully crafted secret box that offers a mysterious and engaging way to stash your treasures. Each box features a unique locking mechanism that can be opened in three to five steps, providing a fun and inventive way to secure your valuables. Inspired by the enigmatic design of ancient tombs, this puzzle box is perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and appreciate intricate craftsmanship.

Key Features:

Unique Locking Design: The box opens through a series of steps, making it both a puzzle and a secure storage option.
High-Quality Material: Made from wood, ensuring durability and a pleasing aesthetic.
Intriguing Aesthetic: Inspired by ancient Egyptian tombs, adding historical allure and mystery.

Why Buy This Product:
“Pharaoh’s Tomb” is an excellent choice for puzzle enthusiasts and those who appreciate historical and archaeological themes. It’s not just a box for storing valuables; it’s a journey into the world of ancient civilizations and their secrets.

Age: 14+

Difficulty Level: 4/5

Product Dimensions: 8.89  x 19.05 x 6.99 cm

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