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Floss & Rock Magnetic Play Scene Space

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Floss & Rock Magnetic Play Scene – Space: A Cosmic Journey of Imagination!

Product Description: Explore the final frontier with the Floss & Rock Magnetic Play Scene – Space. This captivating playset is perfect for young space explorers, featuring two interchangeable cosmic backdrops and over 50 magnetic pieces for hours of interstellar play.

Key Features:

Two Interchangeable Space Backdrops: Provides diverse galactic settings for endless space adventures.
Over 50 Magnetic Pieces: Includes a variety of spacecraft, planets, and astronauts, allowing kids to create their own space missions and stories.
Compact and Convenient: The box lid folds down for play, and a drawer neatly stores all the magnetic pieces, making it great for playtime both at home and while traveling.

Why Buy This Product: Ideal for children who are fascinated by space and the wonders of the universe. This magnetic play set encourages creativity, fine motor skills, and storytelling in a fun, engaging, and educational way.

  • Age 3+
  • Size 22x30cm