Ooly Crayons – Colour Appeel

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Ooly Crayons – Colour Appeel: Bright, Bold, and Unbelievably Fun!

Product Description: Discover the joy of colouring with Ooly Crayons – Colour Appeel, the most “appeeling” crayons in the art world. Crafted from high-quality wax, these crayons offer a strong, vibrant tool for young artists to express their creativity. Colour Appeel crayons provide a bright and smooth drawing experience, making every art project a masterpiece.

Key Features:

12 Vibrant Colours: A wide spectrum of bold colours for endless creative possibilities.
High-Quality Wax: Ensures a strong crayon that lays down bright, smooth colours every time.
Unique Patterned Barrels: Adds a touch of whimsy and makes each crayon a joy to use.
Easy Peel-Away Function: Keeps the creativity going with a simple string pull to expose more crayon.

Why Buy This Product: These crayons not only offer a superior colouring experience but also teach young artists about maintaining their tools, all while fostering creativity, fine motor skills, and colour recognition playfully and engagingly.

  • Age 3 
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