Ooly Dry Clay Creatibles DIY Kit/ 24 Colours

$39.95 per unit

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Creatibles D.I.Y. Air-Dry Clay Kit: Sculpt, Set, and Showcase!

Product Description:
Step into the mesmerising world of sculpture without the need for a kiln. The Creatibles D.I.Y. Air-Dry Clay Kit is a dream come true for budding sculptors. With super-soft clay that’s a breeze to model and shape, crafting your masterpieces becomes a delightful experience. The kit boasts 24 blendable colours, allowing you to mix and match to achieve your desired hue. Three sculpting tools accompany the set, ensuring precision and detail in every project. Once you’re done shaping, simply let it air-dry, and voilà, your creation is ready! And for those looking to add a personal touch, the dried clay can be further embellished with paints or markers. The clays are housed in six airtight tubs, ensuring they remain fresh and ready for your next artistic endeavour.

Key Features:

🖍 Blendable Shades: 24 vibrant colours that can be mixed to create the perfect shade for your project.

🎨 Precision Tools: Comes with three sculpting tools to add intricate details and dimension to your creations.

🔐 Freshness Assured: The clay is stored in six airtight tubs, ensuring it remains soft and pliable.

Why Choose the Creatibles D.I.Y. Dry Clay Kit?
It’s the complete sculpting experience in a box, where creativity meets convenience!

  • Ages 6+
  • Air-dry clay kit
  • 24 colours of super soft and pliable clay