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Project Genius – Curated Collection

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Project Genius – Curated Collection

Product Description: Delve into the depths of history with the “Project Genius – Curated Collection.” This unique assortment features five distinct puzzles, each representing an ancient civilization from the acclaimed True Genius line. Experience the diverse puzzle-solving techniques required for each, ranging from straightforward to complex. This collection showcases a spectrum of challenges, offering a glimpse into the entire True Genius series, with puzzles varying in difficulty and style. It’s an intellectual journey through different eras, perfect for those who relish mental challenges and historical themes.

Key Features:

Diverse Challenges: Five puzzles with varying difficulty levels from 2 to 5, each requiring a unique approach.
Ancient Civilizations Theme: Puzzles represent different ancient civilizations, adding an educational and historical dimension.
Range of Difficulty: Offers a taste of the entire True Genius collection, suitable for both beginners and experienced puzzle enthusiasts.

Why Buy This Product:
The “Project Genius – Curated Collection” is an invitation to test your wits and immerse yourself in the rich history of ancient civilizations. It’s an excellent choice for anyone aged 14 and above who loves puzzles, history, and wants to challenge their cognitive skills. This collection serves as both an intriguing mental exercise and a beautiful display piece, appealing to puzzle collectors and history aficionados alike.

Age: 14+

Difficulty Level: 2-5/5

Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 10.16 x 10.16cm