Ooly Eraser & Sharpener – Avocado Love Eraser & Sharpener Set

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Avocado Love Eraser & Sharpener Set: Get Ready for a Wholesome Adventure!

Product Description:
Introducing the zestiest trio to brighten up your school day! These aren’t your typical avocados; instead, they’re here to make erasing and sharpening a delightful experience. The set boasts two cheerful avocado-shaped erasers, complete with swappable faces and shells for playful customisation. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a larger avocado pencil sharpener, donning stylish sunglasses. While you can’t spread these avocados on your toast, they’re guaranteed to spread joy over your schoolwork and assignments!

Key Features:

🌟 Playful Design: Cute avocado halves with interchangeable faces and shells make for a fun, interactive erasing experience.

🖍 Functional Sharpener: The sunglass-wearing avocado isn’t just for show; it’s a fully functional pencil sharpener!

🎒 Perfect for School: This delightful trio is designed to add a touch of Avocado Love to your school essentials.

Why Choose the Avocado Love Eraser & Sharpener Set?
Swap the monotony of regular stationery for a dose of playful functionality. With the Avocado Love set, you’re not just getting erasers and a sharpener; you’re getting adorable companions for your academic journey!

  • Age 6+
  • Eraser & Sharpener set
  • 14 x 11 x 3.5 cm