Mudpuppy 100 Pc Glow Puzzle – Fairies

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Mudpuppy 100 Pc Glow Puzzle – Fairies: Enchanting Glow Revealed!

Product Description: This delightful 100-piece puzzle features whimsical fairies in an enchanting forest setting. Perfect for young fans of fairy tales and mystical adventures, the puzzle offers a special surprise when the lights go out—the scene glows with a gentle and magical light, bringing the fairytale to life.


Glow in the Dark: Experience the wonder as the fairy scene illuminates in the dark, adding a magical element to the puzzle-solving experience.
Engaging Activity: Assembling this puzzle helps develop spatial awareness, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities, all while immersing children in a fantastical world.
High-Quality Materials: Made with recycled materials and printed with non-toxic inks, promoting environmental responsibility and safe play.

Why Consider This Product: It’s not just a fun activity but also a visually stunning experience when it glows in the dark, captivating children’s imaginations and bringing the magic of fairies right into your home. Ideal for family bonding time or as an engaging solo activity for children.

Ages: 5+
Puzzle size: 46 x 30 cm
Box dimensions: 19 x 13 x 9 cm

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