Mudpuppy 100 Pc Double-Sided Puzzle – Animal Kingdom

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Mudpuppy 100 Pc Double-Sided Puzzle – Animal Kingdom: A Colourful Educational Adventure!

Product Description:
Dive into a vibrant exploration of wildlife with Mudpuppy’s Animal Kingdom 100 Piece Double-Sided Puzzle. This engaging puzzle features two distinct scenes: a colourful display of the world’s most vibrant animals on one side and a contrasting black and white depiction on the other. This puzzle not only offers fun but also educational value, making it an excellent addition to any family’s game collection.


Double-Sided Learning: Enjoy colourful illustrations on one side and monochrome images on the other, doubling the educational value and fun.
Eco-Friendly Materials: Made with 90% recycled puzzle greyboard and 70% recycled paper in the packaging, printed with nontoxic inks.
Educational and Engaging: Helps children develop spatial awareness and problem-solving skills while learning about diverse animal species.

Why Consider This Product:
Mudpuppy’s Animal Kingdom Puzzle is perfect for fostering an appreciation for biodiversity and environmental conservation. It encourages critical thinking and attention to detail through the challenge of piecing together two different scenes. This puzzle is not just a fun activity but a gateway to discussions about wildlife conservation and the beauty of nature, making it a meaningful addition to any child’s educational toys.

Ages: 6+
Puzzle size: 55 cm x 42 cm
Box dimensions: 32 cm x 23 cm x 5 cm

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