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Floss & Rock 100 Pc Puzzle – Children of the World

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Floss & Rock 100 Pc Puzzle – Children of the World: A Global Puzzle Adventure for Kids!

Product Description: Embark on a delightful and educational journey with your little ones using the Floss & Rock 100 Pc Puzzle – Children of the World. This unique 3-in-1 puzzle adventure is specifically designed to captivate and challenge young minds, fostering a sense of global awareness and cultural diversity.

Key Features:

3-in-1 Puzzle Set: Engage in a comprehensive puzzle experience with a main 76-piece world map and two additional 12-piece feature puzzles.
Age-Appropriate Design: Specifically created for children aged 5 and above, encouraging cognitive and cultural development.
Global Exploration Theme: A beautifully illustrated world map that invites exploration and appreciation of different cultures.

Why choose this product: The “Floss & Rock 100 Pc Puzzle – Children of the World” is an engaging and educational choice for kids aged 5 and up. It blends fun with learning about global cultures, enhancing problem-solving skills, and is built to last, making it an ideal educational toy.

  • Ages 5+
  • Puzzle Size; Approx 63 x 36 cm
  • Box Size: 26 x 28 x 9 cm
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