eeBoo 64 Pc Puzzle – Savanna

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eeBoo 64 Piece Puzzle – Savanna: A Wild Celebration, Piece by Piece!

Product Description: Dive into the vibrant life and majestic beauty of the savanna ecosystem with eeBoo’s 64 Piece Puzzle – Savanna. Celebrating the harmony and diversity among its inhabitants, this puzzle delivers a message of celebration and the importance of protecting these magical places. With big puzzle pieces perfectly sized for little hands, assembly is both enjoyable and educational, emphasising the significance of conservation.

Key Features:

Vibrant Savanna Theme: Showcases the savanna’s diverse wildlife in beautifully illustrated detail, engaging children in nature’s beauty.
Educationally Rich: Raises awareness of environmental protection and biodiversity, teaching the importance of conservation in a fun, interactive way.
Perfectly Sized for Little Hands: Big pieces promote fine motor skills and confidence in young puzzlers.
Inspires Respect for Nature: Introduces ecosystem preservation in a playful manner, inspiring future stewards of our planet.

Why Consider This Product: A delightful and thoughtful activity for young minds passionate about the natural world, combining discovery with a meaningful environmental message.

  • Ages 5+
  • Box size 22cm x 22cm
  • Puzzle size 38cm x 38cm
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