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Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Deep Sea

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Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Deep Sea

Product Description: Dive into the wonders of the ocean with this Colour Changing Umbrella. This enchanting umbrella reveals a colourful transformation when it meets the rain, featuring a mesmerizing deep-sea design that will captivate any young marine enthusiast.

Key Features:

Oceanic Colour Changing Effect: The deep-sea-themed patterns on the umbrella magically change colours in the rain, bringing the vibrant life of the ocean to a grey day.
Returns to Original When Dry: The umbrella reverts to its original colours once it’s dry, making every rainy day a new opportunity for a delightful surprise.
Sturdy and Child-Friendly: Constructed with durable materials and designed for easy handling by children, this umbrella is both a fun and functional accessory.
Engaging Deep Sea Design: Decorated with images of marine life and underwater scenery, it’s perfect for children fascinated by the wonders of the ocean.

Why Choose This Product: The Floss & Rock Colour Changing Umbrella – Deep Sea offers an engaging way for children to enjoy rainy days, combining the fun of a colour-changing toy with the practicality of an umbrella. It’s a fantastic way to encourage outdoor play and exploration, even in wet weather, and is sure to spark a child’s imagination with its magical transformation.

  • Age 3+
  • Size: 60 x 70cm