Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Dino-Mite!

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Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Dino-Mite!: Prehistoric Fun on Every Sheet!

Product Description: Step back in time to the age of dinosaurs with Ooly Stickers Stickiville – Dino-Mite! This exciting collection is a must-have for young paleontologists and sticker enthusiasts alike. Adorn your journals, diaries, notebooks, and even your lunch box with these roaringly great dinosaur-themed stickers.

Key Features:

Variety of Dinosaur Designs: Features a range of prehistoric creatures to explore and display.
Epoxy Coated Stickers: This gives each sticker a 3D effect, making the dinosaurs leap off the page.
One Sticker Sheet: Contains approximately 100 cute and detailed dinosaur stickers for hours of sticky fun.
Suitable for All Ages: Perfect for anyone fascinated by the prehistoric world, encouraging creativity and learning.
Encourages Creativity: Ideal for customizing personal items, crafting, and educational activities, fostering imagination and an interest in history.

Why Buy This Product: This is a gateway to the prehistoric past, making it perfect for decorating, collecting, or using as an educational tool. With its vibrant designs and tactile 3D effects, these stickers will delight dinosaur fans of all ages, adding a touch of the Mesozoic era to everyday items.

  • Age 3+