Ooly Sticker Stash – Wanderlust

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Sticker Stash – Wanderlust: Your Sticker Wonderland Awaits!

Product Description:
Dive into a sticker smorgasbord with the Wanderlust Sticker Stash set. Boasting over 200 styles of cuteness, including vinyl stickers, adorable puffy stickers, and pages filled with charming paper stickers, this set is a sticker lover’s dream. Plus, it comes with a convenient sticker keeper to keep your collection organized. The Wanderlust Sticker Stash set features travel accessories stickers, travel attractions stickers, travel transportation stickers, and a plethora of colourful fun stickers to make your statements pop.

Key Features:

🌟 Sticker Variety: With over 200 delightful stickers, this collection includes travel-themed accessories, attractions, transportation, and a whole lot of colourful, fun stickers to add a touch of whimsy to your projects.

📒 Perfect for Planners and Journals: Each set comprises 6 paper sticker sheets, 1 vinyl sticker sheet, 1 puffy sticker sheet, and a reusable folder for safekeeping. Ideal for decorating planners, journals, and more.

🌞 Endless Decorating Possibilities: Decorate your family calendar, share the fun with friends in notes or letters, or enhance your trip planner with these delightful stickers.

Why Choose Sticker Stash – Wanderlust Set?
Whether you’re a sticker enthusiast or simply want to add some flair to your projects, this set has you covered. Let your sticker fun begin and infuse your creative endeavours with a dash of wanderlust!

  • Age 3+
    Over 200 cute stickers
    1 Sheet of vinyl stickers
    1 Sheet of puffy stickers
    6 Sheets of paper stickers
    1 folder for sticker storage
    21 x 14 x .825 cm