Ooly Notecard and Sticker Kits – Dinos and Dragons

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Ooly Notecard and Sticker Kits – Dinos and Dragons: Roaring Messages Await!

Product Description: Unleash the power of prehistoric greetings and mythical messages with Ooly Notecard and Sticker Kits – Dinos and Dragons. Tailored for young enthusiasts of the majestic and the mythical, this set transforms every note into a mini adventure.

Key Features:

6 Expanding Notecards: Each card unfolds to reveal a spacious area for personalised messages, available in 2 thrilling designs of dinos and dragons.
6 Envelopes: Perfectly sized to fit the expanding notecards, ensuring your secret messages stay a surprise until they’re opened.
4 Sticker Sheets: Packed with dinosaur and dragon themed stickers to decorate cards, envelopes, or anything else that needs a touch of magic and might.
Ideal for Young Adventurers: Designed to spark imagination and encourage creativity in children aged 6 and above.

Why Buy This Product: These are perfect for young fans of these legendary creatures, offering a unique way to communicate with friends and family. Not only do they encourage writing and creativity, but they also make the process of sending and receiving mail exciting and magical.

Age 6+