eeBoo Puzzle 36 Pc Long Puzzle – Musical Parade

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eBoo Puzzle 36 Pc Long Puzzle – Musical Parade: March to the Beat of Learning!

Product Description: Designed for children aged 3 and up, this puzzle stretches out to an impressive 89 cm by 25.4 cm, offering a colourful and engaging way to explore the vibrant world of music. Each section of the parade features beautifully illustrated animals playing a variety of musical instruments, from a goat’s French horn to a red fox’s bassoon.


Educational Theme: Helps children learn about different musical instruments and the fundamentals of a musical ensemble with beautifully illustrated scenes.
Large Puzzle Pieces: Easy for small hands to handle, encouraging fine motor skills and visual recognition.
Extended Play Value: Includes a full-size poster that can be used as a reference and for additional learning activities.

Why Consider This Product: It offers children a playful introduction to the world of music, promoting not only recognition of musical instruments but also an early appreciation for music.

Age 3+
Puzzle size: 89 cm x 25.4 cm
Box size: 33 cm x 22.5 cm