eeBoo 20 Pc Puzzle – Musical Band

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eeBoo 20 Pc Puzzle – Musical Band: A Symphony of Shapes, A Concert of Colours!

Product Description: Tailored for budding musicians and eager learners aged 3 and up, this puzzle strikes a chord with its depiction of a cheerful musical ensemble. As children fit each piece into place, they’ll not only fine-tune their pattern, shape, and colour recognition skills but also get acquainted with different musical instruments and the joy of making music together.

Key Features:

Engaging Musical Theme: Introduces kids to a variety of instruments within a bright and inviting band scene.
Developmental Benefits: Enhances critical thinking, coordination, and visual recognition through interactive play.
Child-Friendly Design: With large pieces that are just right for small hands, this puzzle promotes independence and confidence in young solvers.
Environmentally Responsible: Made with sustainability in mind, ensuring a safe and guilt-free playtime.

Why Consider This Product: Perfect for nurturing a love for music and puzzles in young children. It’s an educational, environmentally conscious puzzle that offers a harmonious blend of learning and fun, suitable for any journey.

Ages 3+
Puzzle size: 28 x 38 cm
Box Size: 18 x 13 x 5 cm