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Floss & Rock Skipping Rope – Lion

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Floss & Rock Skipping Rope – Lion: Jump into the Jungle Gym!

Product Description: Roar into action with the Floss & Rock Skipping Rope – Lion. Designed for the little king of the jungle in every child, this skipping rope features vibrant, hand-painted wooden handles that boast a majestic lion design.

Key Features:

Hand-Painted Lion Wooden Handles: Inspires a sense of adventure and strength with each jump, bringing the spirit of the savannah to playtime.
Enhances Active Play: A great tool for promoting exercise, improving balance, and developing coordination skills through engaging and playful movement.
Robust and Child-Friendly: Made with durable materials to endure the rigors of energetic play while prioritizing the safety of young users.

Why Buy This Product: This Skipping Rope combines the thrill of physical play with the allure of the animal world. It’s a wonderful way to encourage healthy activity, dexterity, and an imaginative appreciation for nature.

Age 5+

240cm long