eeBoo Matching – Never Forget a Face

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eeBoo Matching – Never Forget a Face: A Global Memory Challenge

Product Description: This game features the smiling faces of 24 children from countries around the world, offering a fun and challenging way to enhance memory and recognition skills. Each match introduces players to diverse cultures and nationalities, fostering a sense of global awareness and connectivity. The back cover of the box enriches the experience by showing each child and identifying their home country, making this game not only enjoyable but also informative.


Culturally Diverse Content: Includes 24 pairs of cards featuring children from various countries, promoting multicultural appreciation.
Educational Play: Sharpens recognition and memory skills through the engaging challenge of matching faces.
Social and Emotional Learning: Encourages empathy and cultural curiosity by introducing players to global diversity.
Convenient Packaging: Comes in a compact box measuring 23 cm x 23 cm, ideal for easy storage and transport.

Why Consider This Product: Suitable for both home and classroom environments, this game helps children develop important cognitive skills while building a foundation for cultural sensitivity and global understanding.

Ages 5+
23 cm x 23 cm