eeBoo Game – Cupcake Shaped Spinner

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eeBoo Game – Cupcake Shaped Spinner: Spin, Bake, and Celebrate!

Delight in the sweet thrill of baking with the Cupcake Shaped Spinner game from eeBoo, where players aged 3 and up can enjoy a vibrant, interactive baking experience. This charming spinner game, housed in a uniquely shaped box adorned with cheerful, colorful artwork, invites players to spin and gather all the necessary components to create a perfect cupcake. Collect wet and dry ingredients, choose your flavorings, frostings, decorations, and a cupcake liner. But beware of the fallen egg! A wrong spin means losing a turn. The first to assemble all their ingredients flips their bowl card to reveal a beautifully completed cupcake, winning the game. Suitable for family play across generations, this game also doubles as a fun tool for independent pretend play.

Key Features:

  • Engaging for All Ages: Designed for children aged 3+, perfect for family gatherings.
  • Rich in Content: Includes 28 die-cut, sturdy game pieces for extended play.
  • Dual Play Modes: Supports both cooperative family play and solo pretend play.

Why Consider Cupcake Shaped Spinner? It’s a recipe for fun and learning, combining hands-on engagement with a dash of competition, all within an eco-friendly package.

  • Age Recommendation: 3+ years
  • Box Dimensions: Approx 25 x 22 cm
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