eeBoo Bingo – Simple Maths

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eeBoo Bingo – Simple Maths: Numbers in Play, Learning Every Day!

Product Description: Designed to build foundational maths skills in a playful environment, this game is perfect for children aged 5 and up. Featuring double-sided boards, players have the flexibility to engage with either addition or subtraction problems, catering to different learning levels and preferences. Each draw of a tile presents a new number, challenging players to use mental maths to find its corresponding problem on their board.


Dual Learning Approach: Double-sided boards allow for practice with both addition and subtraction, accommodating varied skill levels.
Thoughtful Gameplay: Designed to prevent rushing, giving children time to think through problems and arrive at solutions confidently.
Visual Learning Aids: Each numbered tile features illustrations that help early learners practise counting and conceptualise maths problems.
Inclusive and Adaptable: Suitable for playing with children at different maths stages, making it an ideal educational tool for families and classrooms.

Why Consider This Product: Simple Maths Bingo offers a unique approach to reinforcing early maths skills, encouraging young learners to embrace problem-solving with enthusiasm and confidence.

Ages 5+
Box: 20 x 20 x 4 cm

Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Award