eeBoo Centering Cards – Bedtime

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eeBoo Centering Cards – Bedtime: Soothing Rituals, Dreams Begin

Product Description: These colour-coded cards offer multi-sensory exercises and visualisations that guide children through the process of settling down for bed. From preparation and getting into bed to settling in and lulling into sleep, each card provides a simple, effective activity or visualisation aimed at establishing reassuring bedtime routines, fostering trust, and enhancing communication.


Multi-sensory Exercises: Engage children with activities that utilise breathing, movement, touch, and auditory senses, tailored to facilitate relaxation and sleep readiness.
Colour-Coded Guidance: Organised by colour for different stages of the bedtime routine, making it easy to select the appropriate exercise for each step towards sleep.
Establishes Bedtime Routines: Helps create consistent, calming bedtime rituals that encourage trust and communication, essential for a smooth transition to sleep.

Why Consider This Product: Ideal for families seeking to enrich their nighttime routines with gentle, effective strategies for easing children into sleep. The Bedtime Centering Cards offer a peaceful way to end the day, ensuring children feel secure and relaxed as they drift off to dreamland.

Ages 3+
Card size: 8.89 x 12.7 cm