eeBoo Centering Cards – Anytime

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eeBoo Centering Cards – Anytime: Moments of Calm, Pathways to Peace

Product Description: Perfect for guiding an overstimulated child back to a state of peace and centeredness, these colour-coded cards offer a variety of multi-sensory recentering exercises. Through breathing, movement, touch, and listening, each card presents a simple yet effective visualisation or activity designed to reset and return children to a sense of balance.


Multi-sensory Exercises: Offers a range of activities that engage breathing, movement, touch, and auditory senses, catering to different preferences and needs.
Colour-Coded Guidance: Cards are organised by colour to help quickly identify the type of recentering exercise, making it easy to find the right solution in any situation.
Versatile Application: Ideal for use in various settings, including at home, school, or during travel, providing a consistent resource for calming and centering.

Why Consider This Product:  These cards not only support emotional regulation and mindfulness but also empower children to actively participate in their own process of finding calm.

Ages 3+

Card size: 8.89 x 12.7 cm