Ooly Markers – Double Up!

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Ooly Markers – Double Up!: Twice the Colour, Twice the Fun!

Product Description: Dive into a world of vibrant creativity with Ooly Markers – Double Up! This unique set of 6 DOUBLE-ENDED washable markers offers 12 lively colours, doubling your fun and options in every artistic endeavour. Perfect for drawing, doodling, and colouring, these markers are designed to spark imagination and encourage creative expression.

Key Features:

12 Bright Colours: A wide range of hues for endless artistic possibilities, all in just 6 markers.
Double-Ended Design: Offers twice the colour options for versatile drawing and colouring experiences.
Washable: Easy to clean from skin and most fabrics, perfect for worry-free creative play.
Non-Toxic: Safe for young artists, meeting rigorous safety standards.

Why Buy This Product: They encourage children to explore their imagination, develop their artistic skills, and enjoy the process of creating. With double the colours in each marker, kids can switch between shades effortlessly, making every art project a vibrant adventure.

  • Age 3+
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