Ooly Hidden Colours – Magic Ocean

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Under the Sea Magic Painting Sheets: Dive into Vibrant Discovery!

Product Description:
Embark on an enchanting underwater journey with these unique magic painting sheets. Hidden beneath their monochromatic illustrations lies a world of vivid marine colours waiting to be unveiled. Just add water and witness the magic unfold as vibrant ocean hues burst into life, bringing each illustration to vivid clarity. With eight distinct oceanic designs, from playful seahorses to elegant tortoises, every brush stroke promises a delightful surprise.

Key Features:

🌟 Magic Reveals: Transition from monochrome illustrations to dazzling full-colour masterpieces with just a touch of water.

🖌 All-Inclusive Kit: Each set comes complete with eight special painting sheets and a paintbrush for immediate aquatic adventures.

🐙 Diverse Underwater Life: Delight in revealing a range of ocean wonders, including a cheerful octopus, graceful seahorse pals, and more!

Why Choose the Under the Sea Magic Painting Sheets?
Dive deep into the wonders of the ocean without leaving your home. Perfect for young explorers, these sheets offer an interactive way to learn and appreciate marine life while indulging in artistic fun.

  • Ages 8+
  • 8 magic paint sheets
  • 18 x 25cm