Ooly Hidden Colours – Magic Friends

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Ooly Hidden Colours: Magic Friends

Product Description:
Delve into a hidden realm of colour and fantasy with our magic painting sheets. Seamlessly transitioning from monochrome sketches to vibrant masterpieces, all you need is a touch of water! Within this kit, you’ll find a paintbrush and eight captivating reveal sheets, each hosting a magical creature lurking beneath its black-and-white facade.

With just a simple brushstroke, the hidden hues emerge, transforming the illustrations into lively, colourful portraits of mythical beings. From the radiant unicorn to the elusive dragon and the graceful mermaid, every sheet unveils a charming character, eager to join your child’s gallery of art.

Key Features:

🌟 Easy Activation: No mess, no fuss. A dab of water is all it takes to unveil a world of colour.

🖌 Inclusive Kit: Comes with a paintbrush to ensure you have everything to get started right away.

🦄 Whimsical Designs: Every reveal sheet boasts a beloved fantastical creature, sure to captivate young imaginations.

Why Choose Hidden Colours, Magic Friends?
It’s more than just painting—it’s an enchanting experience of discovery. Bring mythical tales to life with each stroke of water and immerse your child in a world where art and magic intertwine.


  • Age 8+
  • 8 magic paint sheets
  • Brush and instructions included
  • 18 x 25cm