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Floss & Rock Magic Water Colouring Flipbook – Space

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Floss & Rock Magic Water Colouring Flipbook – Space: A Galactic Art Adventure!

Product Description: Blast off into a universe of creativity with the Floss & Rock Magic Water Colouring Flipbook – Space. This cosmic-themed flipbook is perfect for young astronauts and space enthusiasts, offering a fun and mess-free way to explore the wonders of outer space through art.

Key Features:

Reusable Water Colouring Pages: Use water to reveal colourful space scenes, including planets and spaceships, which disappear when dry for endless colouring adventures.
Spiral-Bound for Easy Flipping: The pages are securely bound, making it easy for kids to navigate through various galactic scenes.
Perfect for Mess-Free Play: Ideal for children who love to paint and draw, providing a clean and convenient way to express creativity, both at home and on the go.

Why Buy This Product: It’s an excellent choice for children fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. This flipbook combines artistic fun with an educational twist, helping to spark curiosity about space while developing fine motor skills and creativity.

  • Age 18m+
  • Size 26 x 20 x 9 cm