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Teddy Bear Finger Crayons: Colourful, Cuddly, Creative!

Product Description:
Imagine the delight of colouring with teddy bears! Introducing our set of six teddy bear finger crayons designed especially for your little artist. Each crayon, shaped endearingly like a teddy bear, is a burst of vibrant colour ready to jump onto the paper. From the vivacious red to the calm blue, every hue of the rainbow is represented. Designed to fit snugly on your child’s fingers or to be held in their palm, these crayons offer flexibility in how they’re used. Whether it’s a rainy day indoors or a quiet afternoon, these crayons ensure a creative and cuddly experience.

Key Features:

🌟 Adorable Design: Teddy bear-shaped crayons that double up as cute play companions.

🖍 Versatile Grip: Whether they’re worn on fingers or gripped in the palm, they’re designed with little hands in mind.

🌈 Rainbow of Colours: With red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange, your child has a full spectrum to unleash their creativity.

Why Choose Teddy Bear Finger Crayons?
It’s not just about colouring; it’s about creating memories, sparking imagination, and having a teddy bear-tastic time!

  • Age 3+
  • 6 bright colours
  • Bear shaped crayons
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