Ooly Chunkie Paint Stick/6 Neon

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Chunkie Neon Paint Sticks: Let Your Artistry Shine Bright!

Product Description:
Illuminate your creations with the vibrant hues of Chunkie Neon Paint Sticks. Offered in a handy, travel-friendly pack of 6, these paint sticks burst with neon brilliance, ensuring every stroke stands out. Perfect for artists, both young and mature, who crave a pop of color in their masterpieces. Encased in a sturdy barrel, they’re exceptionally crafted for easy handling. Just uncap, twist, and watch as your art comes alive in brilliant neon shades. Whether you’re sketching out a vibrant masterpiece or adding neon highlights to your doodles, Chunkies promise clean, rapid-drying, and vivacious results.

Key Features:

🌟 Neon Vibrancy: Dive into 6 quick-drying neon shades that pop and dazzle on any canvas.

🖍 Ergonomic Design: With their chunky-barreled casings, these paint sticks offer an effortless grip, suitable for artists of all ages.

🎨 Simple & Clean: Meld the vivacity of paint with the ease of crayons. Uncap, twist, and embark on a neon art adventure.

Why Choose Chunkie Neon Paint Sticks?
Brighten up your artistic journey with neon shades that demand attention. Perfect for those looking to add bold, striking elements to their creations without the typical mess.

  • Ages 3+
  • Thick Barrels are Great for Little Hands
  • Comes in 6 Paint Colours